World 1st Short Film Isolation Challenge Festival – That’s a wrap!

Awards Show Replay

Host: Reapz316

Judging Panel: Pia Miranda, Ross Clarke-Jones, Nazeem Hussain, Leela Varghese, Mike Steel, Gemma Bird Matheson, Dave Burrowes.

Award Winners

Stay at home and make a film…cause what else are ya gonna do?

Film-makers don’t pivot. We shoot through recessions, depressions, catastrophes, apocalypses, wars, outbreaks and pandemics.

The Challenge
Make a short film wherever you are with whatever you have over the Easter long weekend. Call your Cinematographer who is in the bush and shoot a cinematic landscape. Call your neighbour who you can shoot with a zoom lens and a boom mic. Call your composer who frankly probably hasn’t changed their setup at all and can continue to work remotely. Get your animators and designers to work up the hottest titles you’ve ever seen. Animation and 360 video is also welcome.

This is a jigsaw puzzle and you are the essential piece. 


  • Must contain the prop – A Lemon.
  • Film Length – 3 to 5 min.
  • Follow your inner guidance but don’t break your local laws surrounding social distancing.

T & C’s – By entering the Pivot Film Festival, you agree that you grant the Pivot Film Festival and associated sponsors the non-exclusive right to use all submitted assets (footage, imagery and audio) submitted in part or in full, for any purpose relating to the festival in perpetuity. You also grant the right for the festival to use your name and image in any future web posts. You retain all copyright to your own film. By submitting you confirm you have secured all necessary release forms for all participants, music, footage, artworks and talent.

Contact : for media release

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